Make A Difference with Jordin Sparks by Donating to Hurricane Harvey Victims

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Jodi Jackson Jordin Sparks Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey is one of the most devastating storms to hit the United States in the last decade. However, the M.A.D. Girls are doing whatever they can to help out the victims who are facing the horrible flooding.

Jordin Sparks and her mom Jodi Jackson have set up a GoFUNDMe page where you can donate and help make a difference. Here’s what Jordin had to say:

‼️www.GOHOMEHARVEY.COM ‼️ We are The M.A.D. Girls…our mission is to HELP. Period. My mom, Jodi Jackson, is experiencing Hurricane Harvey right now with millions of others. Right now, she’s one of the few lucky ones who is dry. In February, me, Nichet and my mom were in Houston for the annual Jordin Sparks Experience, during Super Bowl week, where we partnered with local organizations to make a difference in the community. And we did. We forged relationships with some amazing local people and other charities and want to do it again. We want to help and will help. If we don’t raise a dime, we will still help. We are on the ground and have others on the ground who are willing to get their hands dirty with us. We are tiny but MIGHTY and we WILL make an impact on behalf of all of YOU. Your donations will go directly to help as many as we can during this catastrophic event and we will show you exactly what we are doing with it. We are already identifying families that we can help right now. We are also preparing to get a crew together to help cleanup and rebuild in the aftermath. If you want to help this is how: ❤️ Pray for this city and the millions affected. ❤️ Donate to help us purchase supplies and help those with immediate needs now and to help cleanup and rebuild after. ❤️ If you can donate airline miles or tickets we can use them. ❤️ If you can donate toiletries and ship them to us do it. ❤️ If you are a contractor with skills contact us. Our initial goal is only $20,000, but we hope to raise much more! Please share, share, share! www.GOHOMEHARVEY.COM You can follow my mom’s Harvey Experience on Facebook #GOHOMEHARVEY #hoUSton Thank you!

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